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DISCOVER THE NEXT GENERATION OF SMART COFFEES, cocoa, creamers, and exclusive, revolutionary health products, from an industry leader and niche creator.

LEARN HOW PEOPLE ARE CREATING INCOME FROM HOME with the world's first to market and leading weight loss coffee, and the highest paying compensation plan in the industry.

DISCOVER OUR SUPER INSTANT YOUTH STAR. Reserve a one or five day experience that will amaze you with each application.  Look younger instantly.

THE DISCOVERY OF A LIFETIME. Valentus Prevail EMULIN® was developed by Dr. Joseph Ahrens – a two-time Nobel Prize nominee. it is the world’s first “carbohydrate manager" featuring an all-natural patented blend of 4 ingredients that work in synergy to significantly reduce the negative effects of carbohydrates, giving sustained energy throughout the day.


GALE TRACEY MAGAZINE features slimming coffees, cocoa, creamer, and other beauty "from the inside-out" essentials. Discover the Gale Tracey way for a easy, healthy solutions for weight loss, anti-aging, and balanced health.

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