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The solution for people who find it difficult to lose weight or who are stuck at a weight plateau is the Valentus Prevail Accelerate Pack featuring 3 products designed to address this stubborn issue: Prevail Breakthrough, Prevail Slimroast, Prevail Max.

You may fall into this category if you have been a certain weight for a long period of time and nothing you do seems to get you over the hurdle and into rapid weight loss. Many things cause this: medications, poor diet, lack of exercise, age, hormones, stress, fatigue, injuries, and the mere fact that your body may be comfortable at a certain weight because it's been there for a long period of time.

If this sounds familiar, the Valentus Prevail Accelerate Pack is where you should begin. The Accelerate Pack will take your body from sluggish to geared-up to the next level where your real transformation can begin.

Prevail Breakthrough is a wholefood, powerful nutrient rich drink that increases metabolism as it detoxifies the body and combats Candida yeast overgrowth that restricts weight loss. It is tasteless and can mixed in any beverage. Drink AM in the morning and PM at night. Once the body is detoxified, your body will be able to absorb nutrients easily and will dramatically increase the ability to shed unwanted pounds, inches, and fat deposits. Breakthrough is a 12 day cleanse. We recommend Breakthrough as a quarterly regimine (once every 90 days) to keep your body functioning like a well-oiled machine and burning fat like an inferno.

Slimroast Coffee is the second product in the Accelerate Pack. Drink a cup of Slimroast Coffee (Italian or Brazilian Roast) in the morning before breakfast. Drink it hot or cold. Simply mix with water, prepare as you would enjoy traditional store bought coffee, and watch the pounds and inches disappear. Slimroast is the only weight management coffee on the planet that safely and deliciously delivers beautiful results in record time.

Prevail Max will activate the blood's power to move oxygen and nutrients through the body at a sufficient rate for maximum absorption and rapid results. A properly oxygenated blood supply allows the body to react to losing weight correctly and effortlessly.

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